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Creativity and Learning

Kinetik SolutionsCreativity and Learning

Creativity in Business – Improvise and Innovate

In these days of fast change you will appreciate the power of creativity that can assist all levels of your organisations and realise its full power to deliver innovative products and services. Our tools, powerful workshops and exercises, have created new ways of thinking from entry-level employee to CEO. We offer three specific interventions:

a) Improvisation: ‘Improv’ is a form of live theatre in which the plot, characters and dialogue of a game, scene or story are made up spontaneously. The power of being able to thrive in any situation could be a major lever in your business.  We create a range of improvised business scenarios and games that bring about new thinking and creativity.

b) Creative thinking tools: We create structured creative thinking tools tailored for your business, that open up new ideas or even new ways of thinking. Our tools range from Debono’s work on pattern creativity to Atshuller’s work on engineering creativity (TRIZ).

c) Philosophy in Business: Have you considered utilising ancient Greek, Eastern and Western philosophies to help you look at business opportunities in a radically different way? We can run workshops using our Philosophy Business Cards that ask deeper questions such as, ‘Where does knowledge come from?’, ‘What is the foundation from which we can build?’, ‘Is the whole greater than the sum of parts?’, and ‘Which virtues work best in a business context?’

cards-largerIn summary Kinetik Solutions can offer you robust tools and new thinking models that can unlock opportunities in business change and operational excellence. This will create the ability for you to deliver with better engagement and in a way that delights your own customers.

Make Collaboration Work

Are you struggling with surfacing complex multifunctional opportunities and difficulties in your organisation? Do you want to accelerate project delivery without compromising on quality?

We can help you create processes that allow better collaboration. We can help you bring functions together from all levels of operational processes, be it from sales, service, support or logistics.

Our collaborative workshops are designed in a way so that every person is engaged regardless of their status or role in the organisation. We use innovative process/change tools in the workshop, which help to bring solutions that can be pieced together like a mosaic.

We can help you select the right collaborative technology to ensure the opportunities are not missed and risks are managed by getting a wider range of people working together.

Lets us help you makes strong strides towards collaboration – bringing the right people into a common space. Ultimately you can bring about a rapid change in revenue or cost base, with our support.


Your organisation may be looking to accelerate knowledge in your employees around process excellence and change management. You may want interactive training, intelligently shaped around your employees’ needs, that also provides you with management data around knowledge transfer and usage.

One alternative to classroom-based training is interactive and gamified digital learning; this approach allows skills to be filtered to all levels of an organisation on a more efficient and effective basis. We have partnered with Acadmi to incorporate our change management modules into twenty minute, highly interactive, visual mobile-based learning solutions.


Executive Mentoring

Transformational Programmes are exhausting processes, and your senior executives may need individual support. More over there can be danger of ‘group think’ at your senior level and the inability to spot opportunities or risks with the potential for unintended consequences. There could be a disconnect between your senior executives and their peers/staff, and underlying problems can often remain undiscovered – with the potential of having serious implications for all stakeholders.

Our mentoring services allows you to spot subtle opportunities for change that could make a distinct difference to business outcomes. Our mentoring process is based on collaboration in working with you to create powerful insight.

Each of our executives mentors has deep experience and insight in complex organisation problems and provide practical and intuitive ways to help individuals develop.

Our mentoring process will benefit your organisation by new awareness in your executive, leading to more focused effort and better use of resources.