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Digital Leverage

Kinetik SolutionsDigital Leverage
Many businesses fail to integrate digital technology effectively in their business. At Kinetik Solutions, we have identified 3 key areas where most businesses fall short: digital enablement, digital implementation and analytics.

Digital Enablement

Methods of communication have changed fundamentally in the last 10 years.  Your customers now demand a digital service experience alongside the products and services you already deliver. In our continuously-evolving technological age, effective digital engagement provides customer satisfaction and can even reduce costs. Although a digital service is paramount to customer satisfaction, many businesses fail to manage this change optimally.

At Kinetik, we are aware that many organisations waste valuable resources by overlaying a digital service on top of the traditional ‘functional’ based service, rather than fundamentally changing their processes to allow digital enablement. Our solution provides the methodology and guidance for organisations to make this transition into the digital world.

We can support digital change in four ways:

  1. Develop agile processes to deliver digital services
  2. Provide innovation/creativity tools such as our TRIZ cards to help you make a leap in your service.
  3. Support you in capability building for your ‘end to end’ delivery of digital process
  4. Set up a collaborative working ethos both internally and externally

In summary, Kinetik Solutions will support your digital enablement. The major impacts will be in increasing company revenue, reputation and customer satisfaction whilst ensuring improvements stick in the long term.

Digital Implementation

If you are in the midst of implementing technological change, you will understand how much this can impact employees, and the difficulties in making new processes stick. Implementing successful technology systems (Cloud Platforms/Applications, Robotic Process Automation, Digitisation, Artificial Intelligence) has never been easy, however, there are effective means to enable change.

We provide you with support in the implementation process; working towards a more agile approach based on continuous delivery of new products/services. Whatever method you have, you will need elements of process design/change, end-to-end testing, user testing and training. Digital change affects everyone in a business, including customers and frontline staff. We will help you in creating a joined-up change plan and in particular, engagement in decision making to ensure that there is buy-in and broader acceptance of change and a spirit of continuous improvement.

We can support you in software/app/platform selection, process optimisation and data cleansing prior to digital implementation. Data integrity and cleansing is often overlooked until late in the project and can be one of the biggest causes of failure.

Overall, armed with our vast experience in implementing technological change, Kinetik Solutions will make a powerful difference to your technological implementation capability, bringing numerous benefits to you including a better return on investment and sustained change.

Deeper Analytics of Unstructured Data

Your organisation may be drowning in data, and at best data is being used to make tactical and functional improvements, rather than raise fundamental questions about products and services.

We help you frame the right questions before you ‘dig deeper’ into your data. Using the power of analytics, we can uncover answers to fundamental questions around operational and service improvements. We have partnered up with data scientists to examine operational data, such as customer feedback and social media interaction to help better understand connections and causality within unstructured data sets.

Kinetik will help you frame the questions around service and operational transformation allowing you to unleash the power of digital technology. This will lead you to a wider range of options around customer engagement, revenue optimisation and process efficiency.