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Lean Simulation Game Box

Are you struggling to improve your processes and productivity, while reducing employee stress?

If you work in the service industry, this powerful game based simulation will show you a clear method for operational excellence using Lean principles.

Customers who use our Lean Game

This game based simulation will provide deep insight if you work in the service sector including; Finance & Banking, IT Service Management, Support Services, Public Administration and Equipment Rental.

The Lean Service Simulation describes a fictitious Insurance company, InsureFlow, which specialises in asset insurance and trades internationally. From running the simulation participants through their own efforts will experience at a minimum:

Benefits of the Simulation

  • 50% increase in reputation from improvement
    in customer experience
  • 100% improvement in productivity
  • 75% improvement in quality
  • 50% reduction of process stress

What you will Learn

  • Enhancing Customer Experience & Value
  • Improving the ‘end to end’ Process
  • Learn the 5 principles of Lean
  • Removing Waste from Process
  • Opportunities for Digitilisation
  • Optimising Compliance Requirements
Engaging and Fun
Clear Instructions and Outcome based
Ideal for complex service organisations

What is in the Lean Service Simulation Kit?

Lean Simulation Game Set
  • Full Printed Set of Instructions for facilitator which includes:
    • Set up diagram for Room Layout
    • Set up ideas to run the simulation with a wide range of people (8-25)
    • Current and (Possible) Future State Process Maps
    • Round by Round Configuration options
    • Full Measurement Charts – Both for the Process and Bottom Line Outcomes
    • 5 Lean Principles and 7 Waste Poster pdfs – ready to print
  • Work Instructions for each role (laminated and easy for re-use)
  • Databases (laminated and easy for re-use)
  • Documents to complete during the simulation with a realistic design
  • High quality miniature tractors to use during the simulation which creates a beautiful visual impression
  • A memory stick with replenishment documents for printing
  • A purpose built durable box for the simulation kit

How is the Simulation Run?

The simulation is run over three or more rounds as a facilitated game, and is highly engaging and fun. It is run in a way in which you can adapt each round of the simulation, based on the learning outcomes you require. At the end of each round measurements are taken, creating opportunities to discuss underlying process opportunities. These simulation measurements are all connected to the InsureFlow’s goals, including revenue enhancement, productivity, space utilisation and quality outcomes.

The scenarios in the Simulation are typical of a service company’s processes and have been built on decades of experience in delivering operational excellence by our team.


“Great simulation! Complex enough to be realistic”

“Great opportunity to visualise and discuss how work-flows”

“Gave me some ideas for how to improve our team process”

“A useful exercise that got me the basic principles of Lean and the importance of quality”

“Especially impressed how the process measures connect to the bottom line. Very convincing. Will use!”

Want us to run the simulation for you?

There are two ways to get the benefits of the lean simulation:

  • Our expert lean facilitator will come to your premises and run the simulation for you at your premises over the course of 3 – 5 hours. See our brochure for more information and contact us at bebetter@kinetik.uk.com to arrange an event.
  • You can choose to run this simulation with your own internal facilitator by buying the simulation from us. A full facilitation guide is provided with the kit.

The Design and Support Team

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Leslie Stowe, Designer
Burcu Atay, Editorial Support
Kruti Varia, Advisor