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Philosophy Cards

Are you struggling with change management and need new insight?

Our card game is an essential part of the toolkit for change leaders, workshop facilitators and change consultants to help business going through a change transformation.

70% of businesses fail to deliver transformational change successfully, repeating the same mistakes again. We have designed this card game to encourage businesses to implement new ways of thinking about change programs. Helping to expand your change toolbox; it is an investment that can reap rich rewards.

“Philosophy is to be studied not for the sake of any definite answers to its questions, since no definitive answers can, as a rule, be known to be true, but rather for the sake of the questions themselves.”

Aristotle - Philosophy Card

What is Good About These Cards?

Philosophy is useful as it teaches us new ways of thinking. Changing our thinking patterns can in turn lead to better business results. These 36 cards are designed in such a way as to create new ideas in any complex business change situations. The front of the card has an epigram from a famous philosopher and some background about them, while the reverse has some insightful questions relating to change and based on each epigram.

Holistic approach to change
Unique questions on change management
Ideal for large complex organisations involved in change.
Philosophy Card Examples

Philosophy and Change Management

Organisations are going through transformative change like never before. Areas of transformation can be digital change, new technology, business process excellence or new markets and/or products. Part of the problem with change management is that we tend to rely solely on past experience without reflecting much on our thinking and assumptions about the world we currently live in. Our thought process needs revisiting. These cards were created by a diverse team including: a philosopher, designers and other change agents. The design of the cards has been done to the highest standards. Read our blog for more details how we developed these cards.

Philosophy Card Examples


People playing with the Philosophy Cards

Arjun Chatterji, Founder & CEO, Acadmi

The philosophy for change cards are a fantastic, interactive and informative device used to provoke practical and often, challenging group discussions around a company’s (change) management structures and practises. Integrating philosophy into business makes these cards memorable, meaningful and very interesting. I would highly recommend them to any company looking to analyse their processes and culture together as a group.

Craig Hamer, Change Consultant

Grounded in the thinking of some of our most celebrated philosophers, these cards provide a useful resource which can help a consultant/facilitator to stimulate conversations about the nature and need for change.

Ade McCormack, Digital Strategist, Near-Futurist and Former FT Columnist

Really compact distilled wisdom with great questions & insights. Very professional card design; robust and great on the eye.

The Design and Support Team

This idea started when the director at Kinetik, while studying philosophy had thoughts about how the insight of great philosophers could be connected to the difficult problems of Change Management. the seeds of development was planted in June 2016 and the beta was launched in December 2016. As well as the people below we thank all the great philosophers from history, whose ideas and powerful thinking have allowed these cards to be come into existence.

  • Ketan Varia, Innovator and Content Creator
  • Scott Biagi, Philosopher and Lecturer
  • Rafael Filomeno, Icon and Card Designer
  • Elliot Gil, Box Designer
  • Olivia Adebo, Marketing
  • Hardik Shah, Design Supoort
  • Burcu Atay, Editorial Support
  • Mahersh & Nishma Shah, Editorial Support
  • David Williams, Editorial Support
  • Richard Lee, Advisor
  • Vaishali Manubarwala, Advisor
  • Ade McCormack, Advisor
  • John Morgan, Advisor
  • Richard Simon, Advisor
  • Kruti Varia, Advisor