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“Ponder” – A poem on change by Ketan Varia

Ponder - Poem on change management by Ketan Varia


Ponder and meaning will emerge
better to think of the join and not the specific.

Ponder and clearing will occur
have you thought what matter’s not?

Ponder and the reason will sparkle
for your experience has brought you to this point.

Ponder and you will change
and cast a new eye on the challenge.


Creativity in your Organisation Using Improvisation

Businesses are trying to get an edge by innovating. Outside of technology, utilising the creativity of the workforce on the mind of all organisations.  ‘Improv1 for Organisations’ is an excellent tool for creativity, collaboration, flexible mindsets and teamwork.


Why process simulations are important for service-based businesses

The simulation will let you understand the five principles of Lean, recognise the 7 wastes in the company, and grasp the relationship amongst customer value, demand, variation and their relationship to capacity and resources.