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An experienced team - proven delivery on blue chip projects
Value for money - results matter, not the brand
Adaptable methods - solutions that 'stick'
Strategy Development and Implementation Design - combining research, uncovering new thinking and creating the change approach.
Digital Content Collaboration - creating structures that allow technologists, designers and content experts to fast delivery.
Collaborative Workshops - Fast, informed decision making, from strategy to continuous improvement.
Operational Design and Improvement - Strategic design for complex processes and sustained improvement of current state.
Systems Implementation -  leverage our deep experience of complex web/digital rollouts as well as back office ERP systems.



Upcoming Training:

9th-13th March 2015
Lean Practitioner/Champion Training »

Public Training Course

Upcoming Seminars:

11 December 2014
Lean Solutions »

Midland Forum

5 March 2015
Lean Solutions »

London Forum

23 April 2015
Lean Solutions »

North Forum

Vacancies at kinetik:

Senior Consultant »

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Social Media Intern »

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