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Improving Capability and Capacity - Office for National Statistics

A large public sector client needed to carry out a review of its major Programmes and Projects (PPM) to understand its capability and capacity to deliver future change. Its Major Programmes and Projects take up 25% of its yearly budget.
Our piece of work is to prepare for a formal assessment, setting out the scope and plan of the work, as well as setting out the timeline and resources to carry out the assessment.
To set out a client plan for formal assessment recommending expert suppliers, resources and timescales, as well as carrying out some initial analysis to identify emerging themes.
We analysed data around current PPM to understand the splits between project groupings and resource constraints.
We ran focused other key stakeholders to understand the major themes the potential review needs to take.
We ran multiple collaborative workshops to focus stakeholders' views on the current state and plan for the future assessment.
We reported on emerging themes from our meeting.
Specific Benefits
We had excellent feedback from the director general and senior directors, with the client having a clear sense of direction regarding the completion of work on Capacity and Capability.

Improving the Digital Publishing Programme - Large Government Organisation

A large government organisation needed to radically change its use of the web and associated technology to modify the manner in which its diverse customers interacted and gained access to its wide range of published data.
It created a new business division, bringing its analysts and communication experts together, to develop dynamic, exciting and relevant content products for its customers, in particular citizen users. It also launched a 3-year programme to bring about business change in its publishing, including wider use of its data and partnership-working.
To initiate the programme, identify resources and budgets as well as bring together enthusiasts and internal change agents for the work ahead.
To define the collaboration principles in which the organisation would operate and lead some ‘quick win’ projects including radical improvement of the organisation's landing pages and some early work on the use of open data sets.
To work with senior managers in the organisation to build momentum around the new methods of working.
We identified internal stakeholders and worked with key external users to build momentum for the change programme using a wide variety of interventions.
We created high-level implementation plans, budget forecasts and the first wave of content improvements to deliver visually engaging and interactive landing pages for the website.
We established the process for the rollout of the organisation’s data in an ‘open-data’ format to enable easy use of complex datasets.
We road-tested our approach of creating collaborative teams for publishing, through visits to the BBC and the Telegraph, amongst other methods.
Specific Benefits
The programme delivered an early success - new web landing pages with innovative and sustainable content, which were well-received by the clients users.
Although once considered too difficult to implement, the strategy of collaborative teams was adopted by the organisation. It also made a commitment to invest in new technology, build capability in digital skills and create collaborative work space areas.
The Director General of the organisation said our work “brought about the start of a major cultural change programme in digital publishing”.


Census 2011 Field Design - Office for National Statistics

The Office of National Statistics runs a census every ten years in England and Wales.  The design and delivery of field force (£130M budget) was a critical activity with a high number of variables and risks.
kinetik solutions headed up a joint project team tasked with delivering the high level principles for pay, recruitment and structure.
We took an iterative approach based on informed hypotheses and facilitating workshops to drive decision making. We worked with outside organisations (e.g. Tesco on pay) to get ideas on best practice, both in the private and public sector. We were data driven, throughout, using and testing our assumptions. We involved a wide range of stakeholders in the validation of our design.
Specific Benefits
The whole design was completed on time, and signed by the Census Executive Team. Our iterative approach and stakeholder management have been used by other projects within the division.


Census 2011 Operational Management Design - Office for National Statistics


Census 2011 in England and Wales was a £490M programme of work that involved operational design and the capture of 26M questionnaires sent to all householders and people in communal establishments. At its peak, the census had 35,000 field staff and 50,000 staff working concurrently.

We were asked to facilitate the operational management hierarchy and ways of working during this intensive field period, with the Census Operations Board.
Due to our work, the senior team was 'battle-ready' and able to make and cascade decisions more effectively during an intensive and complex operations period.
Through a series of workshops, we facilitated the operational design planning for the Census Senior Leadership Team.
We helped the team to agree principles and ways of working during operational management, in order to improve management information flow and hierarchy, the scope of meetings its processes and structures.
We ran six scenarios that tested the operational management processes. Scenarios included elements of ambiguity and interdependent outcomes which both focused and tested fully the decision-making process.
Specific Benefits
The Census Director said our work “made a real difference to the success of the census….showed excellent leadership ability, great communication and facilitation skills…delivered with  tremendous energy, confidence and a high degree of sensitivity to people's feelings.”


Strategy - Large Public Sector Organisation

The client wanted a plan for its strategy for disseminating information through its web and digital channels.
We were asked to put together a road-map for the strategy development which was agreed by the board.

We used a ‘scan focus act’ method to create the road map, including understanding the latest technology and thinking, external to the client.

20 focused interviews with key players.

We developed a strategy and implementation road-map with the buy-in of influential people in the organisation.

Specific Benefits
The client had a fuller picture to help drive its strategy forward and a validated road-map to deliver it.


Web Recovery - Large Public Sector Organisation

The client is a large public sector organisation; a large number of problems developed when the organisation went live with its complex, data driven website.
We were asked to support and advise the director in a ‘web recovery’ project and to ensure that the site and back office processes were stable and fit for purpose.

We ran several workshops to understand the issues with the technology, business and publishing process.

We carried out focused interviews to identify the root causes and set out recommendations for future large-scale projects in a report for the head of the organisation.

We supported the team in delivering governance structures; we enhanced the processes to improve the quality and efficiency of their output creation.

We carried out external stakeholder analysis and worked with the Head of Communications to commence a joined-up approach to stakeholder management.

Specific Benefits
The recovery programme was seen as a success by the organisation, having achieved its purpose.



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