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Innovation Tool

TRIZ – A powerful methodology for service innovation

Would you like to innovate your service processes using a clear method?

If you work in the service industry, this powerful business tool will show you a clear method for innovation using TRIZ based methodology. TRIZ problem definition and solution tools supporting a creative mindset, it’s as much about people as it is about things.

Our TRIZ are game consists of 5 Key Card and 40 Innovation Cards. Each Card has thought provoking examples based on TRIZ principles. Whatever your service area digital or traditional this game will allow creativity for all levels of people in the service business.

Business Game

A powerful process simulation for service improvement

Do you work in the service industry? Are you struggling to improve your processes and want to improve productivity, whilst reducing employee stress?

This lean service simulation game is played in 3 or more rounds that describe a fictitious Insurance company, which specialises in asset insurance and trades internationally. The simulation will let you understand the 5 principles of Lean, recognise the 7 wastes in the company, and understand the demand on different processes. You will also grasp the relationship between customer value, demand, time to carry out process steps and amount of resources needed.

You will work in a team to delight your customer, with improved productivity and less stress.

The simulation measures bottom line benefits to the company goals including revenue enhancement, productivity, space utilisation, quality outcomes, etc. An investment that will provide a deep learning experience.


70% of businesses fail to deliver transformational change successfully, repeating familiar mistakes over and over again. Dynamic and potent, this book focuses on a proven, holistic approach to implementing, dealing with and adapting to change. It is the ultimate change management manual for managers and leaders.


Change Management Game

Philosophy for Change Management

Are you struggling with change management and need new insights?

Our card game is an essential part of the toolkit for change leaders, workshop facilitators and change consultants to help businesses that are going through a change transformation.

90% of businesses fail to executive their strategies successfully, by not understanding the deeper aspect of change. We have designed this card game to encourage businesses to implement new ways of thinking about change programs. Helping to expand your change toolbox; it is an investment that can reap rich rewards.

E-learning Platform

Interactive e-learning in Operational Management

Bitesized Learning in Partnership with Acadmi

Your organisation may be looking to accelerate knowledge in your employees around process excellence and change management. You may want interactive training, intelligently shaped around your employees’ needs, that also provides you with management data around knowledge transfer and usage.

One alternative to classroom-based training is interactive and gamified digital learning; this approach allows skills to be filtered to all levels of an organisation on a more efficient and effective basis. We have partnered with Acadmi to incorporate our change management modules into twenty minute, highly interactive, visual mobile-based learning solutions.


Modular Training in Operational Excellence and Change Management.

Your organisation may need to deliver operational excellence, doing more with the same or less resources, re-design processes or change the way stakeholders operate in both their individual behaviours and as teams.

We want to help you implement sustainable operational change that will deliver measurable, long-term benefits to your bottom line.

To achieve this, we offer training programmes from 1 day up to 10 days in length in which we provide a combination of different modules, tailored to your needs. Organisations have identified 10% to 30% savings in their operational areas as a result of our modular training.

This style of delivery offers a ‘learning by doing’ methodology, and a programme that can be adapted and re-used for subsequent training by your change leaders.

Each module lasts between 30-90 minutes and follows an easy to absorb style, with strong visual elements and in a consistent framework.

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Diagnostic Tool

Assessment of your Change Programme

Rapid Diagnostic to get you to the heart of sustainable transformation.

Your organisation may need to deliver operational excellence, doing more with the same or less, redesign processes or change the way people operate both in their individual behaviours and as teams. Before embarking on change, a rapid and relevant diagnostics can be useful to prepare you for transformation.

Our diagnostics can avoid unnecessary costs later in your programme, and get change aligned at the onset. Utilising our extensive researched knowledge and our tried and tested good practise can help you bypass pitfalls.

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Public Course in London, Manchester and Edinburgh in Continuous Improvement Training

Kinetik Solutions is providing a 2-day course focusing on Continuous Improvement (CI) with Lean methodology as a foundation. The course is suited for large and complex organisations. Our training modules follow a learning-by-doing approach, using existing problems and opportunities in your organisation to drive your learning of CI, offering you the opportunity to implement sustainable operational excellence.

Contact us by emailing bebetter@kinetik.uk.com